OUR VALUES ... Respect, Commitment, Excellence, Innovation, Happiness

Values ​​are references for human action. We value them and we aspire to them. At the individual level, each person favors values ​​that influence his actions and guide his behavior in his relationships with others. Professional values, in turn, translate into both the delivery of work and the relationships between employees, colleagues, managers, suppliers and customers. When a person joins an organization, it commits itself to respect and honor the values ​​and rules of conduct established by the organization.

As an employer, Équipements Nordiques is looking for team-spirited workers to evolve in a stimulating, creative and dynamic workplace. 

Our employees are our competitive edge and they deserve our utmost trust. 

If you are interested in taking on huge challenges, join our team! 

Send your resume to: candidatures@grnordique.ca